Client: Regency Homes
Value: £23m
Period: 50 Weeks,

Scope of works: Oliver Connell & Son Ltd were appointed by Regency Homes to initially construct Block A, a five storey RC frame. We were subsequently awarded a 15 storey RC frame on North Street, We subsequently secured Blocks, 2B and 2C which comprise a large basement and two RC frames. Block 2B is 8 storeys and Block 2C is 15 storeys. On the successful completion of Block A groundworks and frame, Oliver Connell were awarded two further phases of the project. Blocks 2B & 2C is the largest phase and comprises a basement, ground floor slab and Level 01 podium. A 15 storey RC tower springs off the podium, with a 6 storey RC frame covering the remaining area. Oliver Connell utilised our own three Comansa luffing tower cranes for the scheme. The North Street crane was positioned on the existing 4th Floor slab using a cruciform and extensive temporary works were installed to transfer the crane loads to the basement

RC Frames