Client: Gilbert Ash
Value: £8.5m
Period: 56 Weeks,

Scope of works: Oliver Connell & Son Ltd were appointed by Gilbert Ash to construct 3 levels of PT basement and a 5 storey PT RC frame over the basement car park. A comprehensive propping arrangement was installed utilising proprietary Conquip props to limit deflection to an acceptable level.

The B3 slab comprises a 700mm deep PT raft slab with lockable dowels around the perimeter. Works were allowed to progress up to B2 level and a 28-day shrinkage period had to be observed prior to release of the B2 propping and only at this point the liner wall could re-commence. OCS split the site into 4 discrete sections to allow the full utilisation of site resources. OCS partnered with Interspan for the design and install of the PT. OCS established an on-site cube crushing laboratory to ensure the required cube results were available at the optimum time for stressing.

RC Frames